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Just behind the stand is the sprawling six-acre Ohio City Farm, one of the largest contiguous urban farms in America. Most speak little to no English, but the farm hopes to provide opportunities for their first steps in self-sufficiency. Everything is flat. Every year since , the town of Twinsburg, Ohio, has celebrated Twins Days. The meaning is self-explanatory: Approximately 3, twins from all over the world gather at the festival for a weekend filled with games, attractions and even genetic research.

The name dates back to , when a set of twins bought 4, acres here and began selling it on the cheap. Today, more than 18, people reside here. Western Pennsylvania is all forests, mountains and rivers, which once made getting around here a headache.

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William Vanderbilt and Andrew Carnegie tried to build a railroad from Eastern Pennsylvania to the West, but the project was abandoned. In the s, this route was turned into Pennsylvania Turnpike, with support from F. Before we reach Pittsburgh, we pass through a handful of rural cities, including Ellwood City. It looks like a European corner cafe; retired Italian men sit outside and play cards.

Security in the building has been high after the mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue last October. The temple has housed those congregants, too, ever since. The rooms are meant to show the ethnic diversity of the region and how immigrants have contributed to the richness of America. It was originally founded as a school for Slovak immigrants who needed to learn English.

Now, their descendants gather in hopes of keeping the club alive. Golembiewski, a year-old retired government worker, talks about his political leanings.

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He voted for Donald Trump in Regardless of his party, one issue has always remained important to him: the Second Amendment. Tree of Life was only a year ago.

In the week we spoke, in the span of less than 24 hours, there were mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Tex. Mary Konieczny, a year-old nurse and mother who identifies as Libertarian, joins Mr. Konieczny has been coming to the Kollar Club for 25 years. She voted for Trump and plans to do so again in Konieczny retorts, to roaring laughter. Timms identifies as a Democratic Socialist and considers climate change to be a big issue.

Timms says. Golembiewski says after a pause. While parents search for deals on clothes and backpacks, their children try to drag them toward Tilt Studio, an empty video game arcade. Mifflin County is 97 percent white, according to the latest census data , and majority Republican. This is the heart of Trump country in Pennsylvania, where white working-class voters contributed to his win.

The idea is to connect young people to agriculture, with livestock exhibits, amusement rides, pie contests and produce competitions. The fair is a campaign stop for local candidates and party groups. Attendees can also register to vote between competitions. Hobbs says that someone once spat tobacco juice on her car, and that during the run-up, people would steal her Hillary Clinton signs to use for target practice. Brenda Funk, 73, has recently joined Ms. I scream at the TV, I just did that yesterday. It has changed me.

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As people around the table talk about unions and tariffs, Ms. Hobbs says she feels that the country has reached a point of no return. Across the room, Trump signs lean against the Republican booth. He seems to share a lot of Ms. They want everything their way. To be honest, we would like everything our way, but if we could just sit down at the table, we could, maybe you know, work things out.

Driving along Route , a figurine appears in the Susquehanna River: a mini Statue of Liberty, 25 feet tall, originally erected in as a joke but now a permanent fixture. In Harrisburg, Pa. The Asian population of the city increased 24 percent from to , according to census data. The city is 50 percent white, and African Americans are the second most-represented demographic. The mall is more or less empty. After generous helpings of Panang curry, pad see ew and Thai iced tea with tapioca pearls, we hit the road again, this time for Gettysburg, Pa.

The Jennie Wade House on Baltimore Street is named for the only direct civilian casualty of the Battle of Gettysburg, who was killed by a stray bullet.

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The sun rises over the hills and sets over the mountains, the compass just points up and down, and we can laugh now at the absurd notion of there being a north and a south. We are one and undivided. There are also Mike Pence mugs. As we leave the former battlefields of Gettysburg and drive toward York, Pa. We pass towns with names like Heidelberg and East Berlin, which nod to early settlers of German descent.

Another advertises donut peaches. William Goodridge, who was an enslaved person and a commercial rail car operator, was also a conductor on the Underground Railroad. The house where he lived and hid escapees from slavery before arranging their emancipation is now a museum; the cellar where they took refuge between flight and freedom has been preserved. Inside the William C. Summerford says. Holding a cotton plant, he tries to explain what freedom meant to those who were not free.

Amish Village is a guided farmhouse tour that seeks to give insight into the beliefs and lives of the Amish. Our entire tour group consists of Russian and Chinese tourists. We have the World-Famous Fried Chicken; brown buttered noodles; Chow Chow, an Amish dish made of vegetables left over from canning drenched in vinegar and sugar, red eggs with beets; and cracker pudding, which is made by blending coconut, sugar, milk and saltines. Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Founded in , it is a unitarian temple; Hindu sects of all kinds are welcome here, and many people make yearly pilgrimages.

The temple is dedicated to the worship of Shrinathji, the reincarnation of Krishna. The temple serves roughly , meals every year, to anyone who passes through its doors. We arrive just as a bus full of devotees are heading back home to New Jersey.

Then we met Pramod Amin, the co-founder of Vraj, and talk among people praying and meditating. Vraj holds the largest fireworks display for 4th of July in the county: between 3, and 5, people show up each year.

Pramod says. On the way into Allentown, Pa. The city is home to an old, significant Syrian-American population. Most of them are Christian. They made national headlines for their support of Mr. Trump and for being divided over the matter of accepting Syrian refugees. Mike, the owner, is Syrian-American, he came to the U. Ten years after his arrival, he bought this bar. The building was built in , and as far as Mike knows, it has always been a bar, even back when people were riding in horse-pulled buggies. In between playing card games on his iPad, Mike goes to the back of the bar and emerges with a frozen bag of Mrs.

He whips up a plate of dumplings, and deep fries mac and cheese triangles and greasy onion rings. There was a time when tens of thousands of visitors flocked here each year, but in the last few decades, the park has fallen into disrepair. In , vandals defaced it with explicit graffiti, which led to expensive repairs.

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The steel cross, installed just before Christmas in , stands 60 feet tall if you count the base on a hill overlooking Interstate 84, where an estimated , vehicles travel on each day. As we make our way to the top of the hill, Mr. The Albanian Muslim community, for example, held fund-raisers for the cross at their local mosques. Every piece of the cross was a donation, he says — the lighting, electrical work, steel and even the welding. This property is for anyone. Everyone is welcome, it does not matter.

Fayez lives in New Haven by way of Syria.

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In New Haven, a Syrian asylum seeker named Fayez invites us into his apartment and serves coffee made with grounds from Damascus. The Syrian Civil War has shaken up his life: His sister was killed. Many of his friends have died or disappeared. Syrians come to the U. If Syria is good, we make fun in Syria.

The next stop on our journey is Boston.