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Iv personally never had issues. This is good for certain items, such as the google home max that was posted last ….

Zithromax Z-Pak

Daily Deals. Only in November. Only via McDonalds App.

They've been much more secretive this time around! Unknown end date, but probably in about 2 …. Cheapest Price ever according to Pricespy.

Also should see Harvest Fall sale end of …. Limited to the first 10, Cards to …. Glass for display purposes …. If Domino's isn't your thing, the usual free delivery Tuesday deal at Hell Pizza is available. Your promo code will be sent via SMS and may take up ….


I went to the lego display show sponsored by Toyco and they were handing out vouchers. Toyco are also running a labour weekend sale with …. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay informed about the latest deals, sales and discussions! Email sends out every morning. The vouchers can be redeemed from 1 st September and are valid for one month. A Fuelup voucher is earned with a qualifying purchase.

Participating store receipts will have the Fuelup voucher attached. The fuel saving depends on the Fuelup promotional offer at any given time. Check the Fuelup Supermarket Fuel Voucher for the current offer. The spend threshold depends on the Fuelup promotional fuel saving offer at any given time.

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Click here to view current offers. Fuelup vouchers can be redeemed for regular and premium unleaded petrol plus diesel. Fuelup vouchers offer a monetary discount per litre off the purchase cost of fuel — determined by the promotional fuel saving offer at any given time. Fuelup vouchers can be redeemed for up to litres per fill. Fuelup vouchers must be presented at the counter or Pay at Pump of any Z service station or at any other Fuelup redeeming service station to qualify for the fuel savings.

Fuelup vouchers are valid for one month from the purchase date.

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The expiry date is printed on the voucher. No, you must choose which of these discounts to use each time you fuel up.

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We are investigating whether we may be able to offer this in the future. Yes, Fly Buys points will still be awarded as per normal for New World Supermarket eligible purchases. These vouchers will have no reference to Fuelup or Z services stations on them. These vouchers will have Fuelup, Z and Sticky Club logos on them. Cigarette or tobacco purchases do not contribute to the qualifying spend amount due to legal restrictions.

No, a purchase of a NZ Lotteries ticket does not qualify as a valid purchase for a Fuelup voucher, so you would need to reach the discount spend limit excluding the NZ Lotteries ticket purchase.

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Like grocery gift cards, deposits to your Christmas Club account are like legal tender, so the Fuelup voucher will be generated when you "spend" your Christmas Club funds, not deposit them. For a list of participating supermarkets, please click here. Valid Fuelup vouchers with Mobil branding issued prior to 1 September will be accepted by any Z service station until the expiry date stated on the voucher. Z is looking forward to welcoming new customers who like earning supermarket fuel discounts and providing the opportunity for those customers to also earn Fly Buys points or Airpoints.