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What you'll learn. Sees the possibility of no longer having dust allergies. Anyone wanting to improve their allergies Anyone with a holistic view of wellbeing Who this course is for:. Course content.


Expand all 29 lectures Preview My Story. Who am I? What are allergies? Why are they happening to me? Following the masses. Nasal Sprays and antihistamine. Allergy shots. Oil and more.

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Magic 1. Magic 2. Now weigh10st 11lb, so saying goodbye to 11s and heading for 9s.

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Would like to get to 10st by end of this challenge. Thanks to all x. I have felt hungry most days. I have lost 2lb and am back at goal weight post Christmas but I could quite easily have eaten a lot more. I think post Christmas it has been difficult to re-focus to getting back in control again. Hoping to feel back in better control again soon and hoping that my hunger pangs soon go away. There has been some great re-booting done this week and I have been impressed by the great weight losses so well done to everyone.

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Have another great week everyone. I had a visit from the Whoosh Goblin — 12 hour gastro. No loss for me this week, no gain either despite a visit from TOTM, so I am reasonably happy with that, remembering how the hormone related water retention used to often end with a couple of pounds gain. I have had a little bit of a realisation that I am actually happier not being able to count my ribs anymore, so may not struggle to get all the way back to my target weight any time soon.

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  4. 8 week Fast 'reboot' starting 2 January - The Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Mosley.
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I do have a few pounds to shift post Christmas but will probably not push below my target for some wiggle room as originally planned. Good losses people, and just keep on keeping on for all of us. Delighted with 4. Keep strong everyone, nite x. Had a really tough evening yesterday though. By 5 I clock I had a headache and back ache for some reason.

Actually felt. Like I was getting properly sick. No gain or loss, which like you, feels like a real victory. Interesting and motivating to hear your experience with the blood tests. SunnyB, that sounds like an amazing loss for the end of the journey and very inspiring for those of us at the beginning! Sometimes they say all you have to do to achieve great things is keeping turning up. ClarinetCathy, I feel you. Nick C, I like your thinking with the mini-steps. Then it will be another 2lb to under 11 stone, then another 4lb to the lb mark, which was a previous stable weight.

Great motivation for me just as I need it. Congratulations DoodleDooToo, Sandy, Jax and everyone — not just for the losses, but for all the spadework in changing habits x. Putting my modest 2. If I could just get under 10st soonish I would be delighted. My course yesterday was, very luckily, extremely interesting and time-consuming. I avoided all the sweets, cakes, biscuits and white carbs at break and lunch and just had my spinach and pea omlette that I brought with and some salad bits — few slices of pepper, some green beans and some shredded cabbage.

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I know!!! What the hell!!! BG is around 5. Regarding my comments about the results of testing using a home method meaning nothing can I qualify it by saying it means nothing because it is random, uncontrolled and the results are so variable as to be a waste of time as you dont know what you are measuring.

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I know that there are parameters to guide as to what numbers mean you are pre- or diabetic but unless these results are come to using either glucose tolerance test or HbA1c or there are a couple of others doctors do then you do not know what you are seeing. For example, if you take a test every morning without eating for say 10 hours you might get a consistent reading for that time but it will also depend on so many other things. What did you eat the day before, sometimes a late night snack can lower blood glucose, sometimes and alcoholic drink can either lower or higher BG.

It is so complicated that it is hardly worth the time, the cost and the pain. None of these home kits are accurate be it blood pressure monitor, blood glucose or cholesterol testing. In fact, we have a blood pressure monitor and it had to be taken into the doctors to be calibrated so it was giving the same readings as his professional sphygmo. My concern is that people can get panicked by spurious results and might also be doing more damage i.

I do it twice a day because I am on insulin and it has to be carefully monitored but even my machine can have its glitches. Always open for discussion. I have just done 30 mins aerobic exercise and hoping for some other movements and sticking to the plan with portobellow mushroom meal for breakfast, ploughmans for lunch and clear out the fridge frittata for dinner with a slice left over for supper. Have a good day everyone. The SD Codefree is the one I use on a daily basis to test before and 2 hours after my meals so 4 times a day right now. The SD Codefree was recommended by a lot of people on the forum at diabetes.

One of the reasons people suggest it probably the main one is that the test strips are cheap compared to those for some of the other monitors. There is also a discount code which is in a number of posts in the diabetes. I bought it because it was the bg monitor recommended to GP practices in my area to provide to Type 1 diabetics, so not me sadly and I found it on offer rare in a local pharmacy!

I used it for 2 weeks before my last meeting with the practice nurse and used these numbers rather than the Codefree numbers. There is a question about the accuracy of the monitors generally — as sunshine-girl says. Is the experiment to do with testing the impact of the introduction of coconut into the diet which you mentioned in another post? I thought that was a really interesting discussion. Cheers Marie n. Please log in or register to post a reply. Home Blood Sugar Diet Who should do it?

Metabolic syndrome?

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  • Viewing 50 posts - through of total. LTC — great results so far, keep on keeping on! Good luck! Have a good week everyone and see you at the weigh in tomorrow. So some reassurance to newbies 1. Still seemed to work. Dont worry V, I will hunt you down!!!!!! Good to see everyone doing well. Thanks in advance and good luck everyone! Best of luck to you and hope to be reading positive results from you soon. Thanks Nick. Well done to those through to end of week 1.