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Advertiser partners include American Express, Chase, U. Bank, and Barclaycard, among others. Weekend getaways , staycations , and last-minute discounts help me make the most of my travel budget, but what about budget travel to more exotic destinations? Some of the main factors I consider when evaluating a potential destination are: cost of living, visa fees, airfare, activities, culture, and safety. With all of this background in mind, here is my list of the top ten budget travel destinations, with the underlying theme being very favorable exchange rates and extremely low costs of living.

The official language is Swahili, but English is widely spoken, especially among the staff at hotels and tour companies. The city of Jinja also offers quad biking and river boarding boogie boarding down the river. International airfare has been pretty affordable lately. I checked Kayak. Homemade Jamaican jerk chicken is a great plus too! Bangladesh also has a wide range of handmade crafts such as coconut masks, bamboo sculptures, and folk dolls.

Leatherwork and pearls are also popular exports. The U. Fortunately, Hungary is also an affordable travel destination. A bus across the city cost 50 cents, and because Ecuador uses the U. I wish I had time to explore beach towns like Montanita and cloud forests like Mindo. Blogger Richard Barrow tried a Thai Food Challenge and ate street food in Thailand for every meal for an entire month.

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At the end of the challenge, he had tried one hundred different meals. How can you beat the price, variety, and deliciousness? I lived in the Ancash region, just north of Lima, for almost four months last fall. Hostels throughout the country are budget-friendly as well. I also found public transportation to be affordable, although airfare within the country is expensive. The Dominican Republic is an attractive budget travel destination for baseball fans and suntanners alike.

Follow her journeys at bridalbar. Not yet overrun by tourists, Barga is a quiet medieval town that takes you back to old-world Italy where mama cooks for all and wineries are still run by families.

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The art scene is alive and well, the Duomo di San Cristoforo atop the town is worth the walk and the food, well, that goes without saying. A local highlight is the lunchtime tour at Podere Concori , a biodynamic winery with a passion for cultivating the purest of products. With views of the entire valley from your balcony, you might even catch snow falling as you marvel at the watercolor-like sunsets.

Located just over an hour from Florence, you get the best of both worlds when you fly into the city for a stopover before heading to the countryside for mountain biking, hiking and thermal pools, too. The Gathering Place, a new park in Tulsa. There are so many incredible play structures a castle, a pirate ship, a slide in the shape of a banana , interactive art installations, free concerts and performances, a lake you can take free boat rides on and sports courts and skateparks for every activity you could imagine, bike paths and so much more.

Highlights include exploring local life in the lovely parks and plazas, such as Italia, De La Victoria and Sotomayor. After walking a few of the city's 42 hills, you may want to consider taking one of the eight funiculars to the top, with panoramic views from Pleasant Hills, Cerro Concepcion or Cerro Alegre, where musicians, artists and poets flock.

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Hungry or thirsty? Where to stay? Why: Turkey literally has something for everyone. The country is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world, if not the oldest. There is so much history, art and culture to soak in, and I was surprised to learn how many adventure activities there are to be had. Now more than ever, it is cheap and totally safe to go to Turkey last I checked, the exchange rate was For first-timers, visit the Turkish trifecta : Istanbul, Ephesus and Cappadocia.

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Want to go beyond the big city? It was simply unbelievable.

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  • Always exploring and sharing, you can catch up with her via Instagram soheilaonline and YouTube. With deep roots in rich French cooking, Montreal offers a dynamic culinary scene their love for foie gras is just as strong as their love of maple syrup. Adorned in murals, Montreal also loves to celebrate culture, with numerous art, comedy the largest in the world and music festivals happening throughout the year — most of which offer free activities. With a huge student population, the Airbnb options are plentiful and cheap.

    Montreal, most of all, is a city that celebrates all that is good in life and its people sprinkle joie de vivre like fairy dust, captivating the hearts of all who visit. Orhei Vechi Monastery in Moldova.

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    Chosen By: Kristin Amico is a travel and food writer who recently spent a year crisscrossing Europe and India on the cheap. Why: If you're looking for quirky, budget adventures in Europe, Moldova is an ideal choice. The small country, wedged between Romania and Ukraine, is one of the least visited places in the world. That's starting to change, thanks in part to wine tourism.


    Food is inexpensive, too. For history with a view, head to the 13th-century cave monastery, Orhei Vechi, perched high atop a hill. If you want to experience retro Soviet-style life, visit Transnistria, a breakaway region of Moldova that still flies a hammer and sickle flag. The unrecognized city-state has few sights but is home to the award-winning Kvint Brandy distillery — a bottle of this rare stuff is worth the relatively small splurge.

    For those who prefer budget-friendly group adventures, Intrepid Travel offers a small group tour that includes Moldova, Romania and Ukraine , including a tour of Chernobyl. Follow her on Instagram samanthabrown, Twitter samanthanbrowntravels and Facebook realsamanthabrown. It's inexpensive because it's not Washington D. It's not New York City, but it still has high-end hotels.

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    We stayed at an amazing, well-priced hotel called the Sagamore Pendry on the main pier, which is like their Ellis Island and later became the shooting studio for Homicide: Life on the Street. A view of St. George, the capital of the Caribbean island of Grenada. And because the exchange rate in Grenada is favorable for those using U. S dollars, it is an affordable Caribbean destination. The weather is beautiful year-round, with average temperatures between the low 70s and high 80s, but expect some precipitation during the rainy season June to November.

    Peak season runs January to April, but if you plan your trip during an off-peak time, you can find low airfare and luxury accommodations at discounted prices.

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    There are a number of beaches, but my favorite is Grand Anse. It is home to several hotels and resorts, like the stunning Mount Cinnamon Grenada Hotel , which offers day passes for those that are not guests but want to enjoy the amenities during a day at the beach. Take a stroll down Grand Anse to find vendors selling cold drinks and souvenirs. Wednesday evenings at the Dodgy Dock are lively — locals, tourists and students all come together to try street food from local vendors and listen to live music.